Finding Magic inside your Existence

Magic may be the impossible, the unexplainable its something you can’t simply understand. It describes something which is much more of the feeling than the usual hard reality. Its almost determined by the observer to find out that something is magic, as opposed to the one performing the secret.

Most magic is all about methods. The magician attached a string to his wand, because the string is really thin, it appears as though the wand is floating. Knowing the string can there be its just, fact, its science, its reality. However when you have no idea the string can there be its magic.

With increased advanced methods physics and chemistry might be employed. Magicians uses light, shadow, illumination, and methods the human mind plays on itself all to produce the look of the impossible. However from behind the curtain, its just methods, there’s no real magic. Ironically enough, the only person who can’t visit a magic show, may be the magician performing the act.

This is actually the same concept as going for a flash light back in its history and showing it to individuals within the Dark Ages. They’d be blown away at light without any fire. It might be magic, or worse, witchcraft. That’s only because they do not comprehend the electrical mechanisms behind that shining light.

However a normal person in our age most likely does not comprehend the electrical mechanisms behind a flash light either. But it is still not magic on their behalf, simply because they are conscious of individuals mechanisms, it is not being hidden.

Many people can’t have a magic show simply because they can’t overcome the truth that everything being carried out is really a trick, wrong. However if you’re able to suspend your disbelief, and ignore that a part of your perceptions, you are able to really benefit from the show to be magical.

After which obviously, there’s the indefinable magic the planet around us, existence itself, birth and creation and also the newness of every day. Art and sweetness, it is totally completely indefinable, and impossible to know. Although we all know you will find cogs turning to really make it all happen, still we marvel in internet marketing, much more so due to the beautiful complexity of individuals cog works.